Costumized cards

How we made compeletely customized cards

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you a really cool project that we recently made! Well, actually two really cool projects! They are two compeletely customized cards! Before we made them we asked some information about the recipients in order to create the perfect card for them!

1st card

For the first card the recipient was a student that was studying a lot but who was also very fit! So we thought to combine those two to make the perfect card for him! We went online to search for fit men figures. As for the studying part we thought to look for piles of books. Then we combined those two to make a weight-lifting scene with two piles of books! We printed the images on some watercolour paper and then we used our coloured pencils to colour them in. We fussy cut them and the focal point of the card was ready. We covered the card front with a quiet pattern paper. Then we popped the focal point on some foam adhesive for extra dimension. We kept the rest pretty simple with no sentiment because the focal point was so intense and big that was taking over the whole card front.


2nd card

For the second card the recipient was a young psychiatrist. So we found a funny doctor doodle on-line and again we printed it and coloured it in. Then we created on Photoshop a speech bubble saying “What’s up doc?”. We printed and fussy cut it too. Now the focal point and the sentiment were ready. We went for a black and white background and for a red card base. Don’t you just love black and white against red? I think it’s such a beautiful colour combo! We also popped everything onto foam adhesive for that extra dimension that we so love on our cards! And the card was ready!


What do you think! I love how totally customized they turned out! See you all in a few days on our next post! Until then…happy crafting!

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