SnS Handmade

All about us!

Our names are Apostolis and Eleonora and we are the two “S” of the SnS Handmade. Creativity was always a big part of our lives for both us. When the two of us met it was meant to be for our creativities to complete its other and become one! The SnS Handmade was born out of this and we are very happy and proud of it! It gives us the chance to express our creativity, work together and have fun!

On our website you can find the projects that we create, such as greeting cards and invitations. You can also find personalized projects, created according to your needs and taste. (ex. personalized greeting cards) We believe that the the card that you give somebody is equally as important as the gift itself! A greeting card is the perfect way to express your feelings, your support, your joy, your sympathy or your thoughts in general.

We also give you the chance to make greeting cards or invitations customized to your needs. Give us some information about the person and the case that you are interested in and we will create a card or an invitation perfectly tailored for the circumstance.

Furthermore, you can find on our website tutorials and DIY posts. We believe that creativity is something to share. So we hope that through our website we will inspire and motivate you to make your own projects!

Following us on our social media and leaving a comment on our posts is very helpful for us! We are always happy to read and reply on each and everyone of you. This is certainly a good way to share ideas!



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