Baby card – congratulations

A step by step tutorial on a baby card!

This is a baby card for all those friends of yours that recently became parents! This is one of the most magical times in someone’s life! The time that they create life! So this card is sweet just like the first moments that you have with your baby!

The focal point

For the focal point of this card we decide to go for a little yellow duck. But we have no die-cut for a duck on hand, so we will create our own! Which is even more fun and creative! We first start by cutting two circles using our die cutting machine, a smaller and a bigger one. Then using our scissors and a steady hand we shape the bigger circle into a moon shape. This two pieces would be the body and head of the little duck. Then we cut by hand a small orange triangle for the beak. All we need now is a googly eye and our little duck is ready!


The backround

For the card base we chose a craft card-stock that will give a relaxed feel to the final result. Since it was meant for a baby boy, for the background we will go for a fun light blue pattern paper. We cut it slightly smaller that the card base. This way we get a little boarder that will frame perfectly the card. The pattern paper is quite busy. That’s why we diced to cut a circle from velum paper and put it behind the focal point. This way the little duck will not blend in with the background. This is a good tip! If your background is to busy, try using vellum behind your focal point or sentiment. This way they will pop more. But at the same time you will loose hardly any from your beautiful background.


The sentiment

Finally, we die cut the word “Congratulations”out of the same orange card-stock that we cut the beak. To make it more interesting we put it on top a black banner and pop that on foam adhesive.

To finish this baby card we add a black dash line on the border all around to match the black banner. An the card is ready!



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