Get well miaou card!!


Get well miaou card – A “how-to” post to get inspired!

Hello everyone! This post is about a get well card!! We all need from time to time to give a card to someone who is having a hard time. It is the perfect chance to cheer them up a little bit and let them know that we think and care about them. So what’s better than a kitty to make somebody feel better?!

The focal point

The layout of this card is the same as a shaker card. The focal point, which is a kitty, is placed inside circle window. Since we have no cat die-cut on hand we will cut our own using our scissors. Its is really easy and creative. Just cut a circle for the head, two little triangles for the ears and two small circles for the paws. Place the kitty picking out of the circle window. We decided to go for a pale grey for the cat but you can use any color you want. Then to bring the little cat to life, put a couple of googly eyes and sketch the details with a white gel pen. Then next step is to create a speech bubble for the kitty. Just fussy cut the shape from white cardstock. Then use stamps to write the word “Miaou”. We added some dash line on the speech bubble to add some definition.

The background

For the background you will need two pattern papers. One would be the main panel. From this panel you will cut a circle window just a bit higher from the middle. You can use your die-cutting machine or a circle punch for that. Then you will place the second pattern paper exactly behind that circle window to create a beautiful background. We went for soft pastel colors to keep a calm and cheerful feel to the card. Then for some extra definition add a dash line along the edges, using a white gel pen.

The sentiment

Since it is a busy card so far, we need something simple for the sentiment. Just die-cut “get well” using large letter dies. We decided to use the same grey color that we used for the cat. This way everything will come together! And the card is ready! Cute and cheerful, exactly what you need to put a smile on you face!


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