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Thank you card with butterflies – VIDEO

Thank you card with butterflies – A ”how to” post with Video!

Today is a very special day for us! We have our first DIY video up! We are very happy and proud about it! So this is going to be another thank you card! We wanted to try out our new watercolor pencils and this card was perfect for that. Though it is a simple card, it is quite time-consuming. That’s because of all the coloring. So take your time and enjoy making this card!

Thank you cards

The background and the focal point

So on this card the background IS the focal point! It’s better to use watercolor paper to get a better result on your coloring. First use a butterfly stamp and Versamark Ink to create a pattern. When creating a background it is a good idea to use stamps of different size. This way you will have the chance to fill in any gaps and create an interesting pattern. So after you are happy with the result apply black embossing powder and heat emboss it. Now it is ready to color. You can use any coloring media you want, The embossing powder is water and alcohol resistant. We decided to use our watercolor pencils. Choose your color palette. Its better to use two or three colors and then play with shading.

Thank you cards

The sentiment

Since the background is so busy you need to make the sentiment stand out somehow. In order to achieve that emboss your sentiment with white powder on a strip of colored paper (use a color in the same palette as the background for a neater result.) Then to add some effect put some velum paper behind the strip with the sentiment. And the card is ready!

I hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration!

Thank you cards


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