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Thank you card

Thanks card

Thank you card – A “how-to” post to get indpired!

We all have a reason to say thank you! Almost every person in our life deserves a thank you from us. People do thingsĀ  that we take for granted. But it’s always a good idea to step back from the everyday life and think about the people that we have around us and the things that they do for us. Say a thank you to your mother for preparing that favorite meal of yours. For your brother that picks up your mail. For your colleague that has your back whenever needed. For your friend that lets you borrow her favorite purse. So many reasons to say thank you!

The focal point

We thought that this should be a card suitable for both men and women. So the focal point should be something neutral. The feathers seem like the perfect idea! We use die cuts to cut two feathers in two different colors. This would be the focal point of this card.

The background

For the card base we decide to go for a craft cardstock for a more rustic feel. Since the focal point is so plain we thought we could play a little bit with the background. This is always a good tip! Keep either the focal point or the background plain and be more creative with the other one. This way you’ll get a more “clean” and pleasant to the eye result. So on this cars we combine to different pattern papers to cover the card base. Then we put a thin stripe of black paper in between. That is where we put our feathers on foam adhesive to make them pop even more. Here’s another tip! Since the pattern paper of the background is so busy, make the focal point from solid cardstock. This way it will pop even more.

The sentiment

We needed to add some black to the card in order to match the black stripe and to balance everything. So We die cut the word THANKS from black paper and we and we popped that on some foam adhesive as well. And the card is ready! Minimal and modern, perfect to say a true and simple thank you to those who deserve it!



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